YUNEEC Typhoon Wizard


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The Yuneec TYPHOON Wizard is a handheld mini GPS tracking device that gives you full, one-handed, flight control over the TYPHOON series of drone aircraft. Features such as ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Watch Me’ ensure that you are in frame in every shot. The ‘Point to Fly’ function allows you to point and click to reposition your TYPHOON in a very intuitive way, as if by magic.

This small device binds to your Q500 which offers great versatility. Place this device in your pocket while in watch me or follow me mode and take great shots while hands free. Whether you are running, riding your bike, or even skiing or snowboarding, this small device can have you taking shots you never dreamed of.

The Wizard is compatible with all the YUNEEC Q500 series drones including the 4k, Q500, Q500+ and the Typhoon G. The Wizard also includes a waterproof armband which you can strap to you while on the water. Get yours today.

  • Controls Typhoon drones: Including Typhoon Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and G models.
  • Handheld design: For easy, single-handed use.
  • Center control button: Allows you to change flight modes, start or stop your drone’s motor and fly manually.
  • Height-tracking mode: Enables your drone to follow users as their altitude changes, while remaining clear of obstacles.
  • Point-to-Fly mode: Lets you fly your drone in the direction the remote is pointed.
  • Water-resistant strap: Enables hands-free navigation whether you’re on the trail or in your kayak.
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery: Provides long-lasting power. Includes a Micro USB charging cable.