Swarm Troopers: How modest drones will conquer the word


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“Great on the previous, existing and future of unmanned aircraft” ***** – Amazon reviewer Dan

An entertaining, useful and at times terrifying account by engineering journalist David Hambling on the previous, existing and future of unmanned aircraft — and how swarms of modest drones could just be the final weapon.

Small unmanned aircraft are already transforming warfare, with US forces deploying thousands of hand-introduced scouts like the Raven and lethal tactical drones like Switchblade. ISIS has started employing home-manufactured kamikaze drones in Syria.

A greater revolution is on the way, as swarming application allows a solitary operator to command significant quantities of drones, and smartphone engineering usually means they can be built for $one,000 each and every — by any person, not just governments.

This guide appears to be at the historical past of drone warfare, the rise of significant drones like the Predator and how they are becoming eclipsed by scaled-down unmanned aircraft. And how the future is becoming shaped by smartphone engineering, swarm application, miniaturised munitions and electricity-harvesting that allows modest drones to fly for good.

It also appears to be at why existing air defence can not halt the swarms, and what drone swarms will mean for the stability of electricity and future wars.

The Swarm Troopers are coming. Will we be prepared for them?

Check out the website http://www.swarm-troopers.com/ for the most up-to-date on modest drones, from ISIS’ initially use of explosive suicide drones to China’s million-drone Xmas, and a home-manufactured flamethrowing drone