3DR Solo


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Cinematic Made Automatic

3DR has created the one and only drone that can automatically control both copter and camera positioning in flight. The dual 1 GHz Linux companion computers power one-of-a-kind Smart Shots so anyone, beginner or pro, can get sweeping multi-axis cinematic live HD video from day one, just by pushing a button.

Aerial Motion Control in a Backpack

Your drone can go much further than just getting cool shots: It gives you the full Hollywood toolkit as software — an automatic crane, dolly, jib, boom, slider, tripod and, of course, helicopter. In a backpack.

How it Works

It’s not just on or off, manual or autonomous. You can tailor Smart Shots in real time to work for you, using as much computer-powered flight or camera control as you need to bring your creative vision to life.

  • 1. You Do It All – Fly and film like any consumer drone. Control the drone and the camera by yourself, using unique Solo features like preset angles and fine-grain tilt control.
  • 2. Split the Work – You can choose to have your copter’s computer be a second operator, either a pilot or cameraman. Let Solo fly itself (locked on predetermined paths for consistent and safe flights) while you operate the camera, or fly yourself while the drone’s computer controls the camera for you, easing between keyframes or staying locked on a subject as you Orbit or Follow.
  • 3. Drone Does It All – Quickly set up a shot exactly as your creative mind envisions it (position in space, how the camera pans and tilts, and speed of the shot) and let Solo execute it. Reveal subjects, orbit subjects or ease in and out of two keyframes.

No matter how much you’re letting your drone do, you can override it at any time, choosing to tweak, tune, shape and direct your shots for ultimate creative control.

Smart Shots: Pro at the Push of a Button

It’s not enough anymore to make a drone easy to fly. We’ve solved a bigger problem: Make it easy to tell your story. To do this we invented Smart Shots — automatic scripted camera moves that mimic the familiar tricks of Hollywood directors. You can now shoot like a pro on Solo without years of flight practice.

Solo is also a virtual two-man aerial film crew: It can work the camera as you fly, or fly itself while you work the camera. You can get pro shots on your very first drone flight — it’s almost unfair. Just set the exact shot you want, press “play” and let the drone handle all of the work. Turn a moment into a movie.

A Controller Smarter than Most Drones

Even if you’ve never flown a drone, the Solo controller will feel natural the moment you pick it up. It has its own 1 GHz computer, the first controller designed specifically for the photographer in you: Adjust and save camera positions, change sweep speed, record video and snap photos with the push of a button. All while crisp HD video streams on your mobile screen. Look down: It’s more like holding a camera than holding a drone controller.

On the Safe Side

A drone that flies in your best interest. We give you industry-first safety features like a pause button on the controller, an adjustable preconfigured flight ceiling to keep Solo close while you learn, and in-app flight zone information and alerts. You can also watch tutorial videos in the app, from unboxing to Smart Shots and advanced flight. Fly with confidence from day one.

The dual built-in computers constantly monitor your flight — 500 parameters of flight data, 20 times a second. Not only that, this is the only drone that logs these data on both the controller and the copter, so no matter what happens to your drone, you’re covered. If you crash or lose connection, the app will immediately prompt you to create a service ticket, which you can submit instantly to our support team through your mobile device’s internet connection, wherever you’re flying. If the flight log shows that a system malfunction caused the loss of your copter — 3DR will replace the copter and the gimbal if one was installed, and we’ll even give you credit to buy a new GoPro.